Why should you use conversion tracking in digital media?

What is conversion tracking?

Conversion codes are added to specific landing pages to count the amount of times someone converts from an advert. - A way of seeing what happens after a customer clicks on your ad.

Decide what you want to count as a conversion - conversion tracking can track a page view for almost any site interaction such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, downloads of a document, calls from a mobile … etc.

Why use conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking allows you to see how users integrate between performing a search and landing on your page to a specific action that you want to track. By optimising for conversions you are targeting users who actually interact with the content or services on your website as opposed to simply driving traffic to your website.

Does it cost anything?

No. Conversion tracking is just a piece of code that you place on a desired page that you can generate within AdWords. When a user clicks an advert and then navigates to the desired page a conversion is counted and only the costs of the clicks involved is accrued.

Are there problems with conversion tracking?

Users who change device, do not enable cookies or delete their cookies will not be counted as a conversion

Analysing data

You will be able to choose a column to see conversion number, Cost Per Conversion and other various metrics in adwords to view the conversion success.

To get a greater insight, you can also view information in search funnels in Adwords, simply navigate to: Tools - conversion tracking - search funnels. This will show you the steps users are taking between clicking on your ad and landing on the conversion page.
Search funnels can also show you where customers drop out of the buying process and can highlight causes onsite to be addressed, such as a high volume of users dropping out at specific page might be because the page is hard to navigate or unappealing and could be better designed.

Conversion optimiser

This is a method of allowing google to automate showing adverts to customers google recognises as most likely to convert. It requires that you’ve had 15 conversions in the past and acts on historical behaviour of users to your account. When enabled, AdWords will then show adverts to users it recognises as most likely to convert on your site. You are able to bid by Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) whereupon you set your target and maximum price for each conversion.

What if I have a 30 day free trial and want to track what happens after?

If you have a 30 day free trial, you can measure customers who purchase the full product after the 30 days by increasing the length of tracking code by up to 90 days. This can show as a separate conversion but still be attributed to the original click from an advert and search term.

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