White Label your own Jam

Why you should White Label your own Jam

White labelling vs. Lead referral

- White labelling is a means of delivering a product or service under your unique brand by outsourcing of some or all of the work.

- White labelling allows you more control of how the service is delivered and how it fits with your other products.

- White Labelling offers a low risk, high quality entry to a new market.

Better for the customer

- High quality from the start. Getting the right team trained and functioning effectively is difficult. By white labelling, you have access to all the expertise and processes you need. Your customers will get a great service from the start. You can also use white labelling if you have an in house team to help you bridge the gap when increasing your headcount or if you have seasonal variations.

- PPC will compliment, not compete against your other in house products. This means better, more impartial advice for your clients.

- More trust. Clients will want regular contact to discuss their PPC campaign performance. Knowing your clients better will help you improve all the services you provide for them.

Better for you

- You own the customer relationship. Regular account reviews mean enhanced opportunities for cross sale and up sale as well as happier clients.

- More compelling and stickier proposition. Providing more products makes your business more compelling during the initial sale. It also means you have a much better chance to retain clients for the long term.

- Predictable income. Project based work can be unpredictable. PPC Management fees are paid monthly allowing you to forecast revenue with greater certainty.

- Low risk, scalable service. New products or up-scaling existing products requires investment. White labelling reduces the investment and risk to a minimum.

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