What would you do with infinite monkeys?

What would you do with infinite monkeys?

Write the complete works of Shakespeare?

Create a mammalian army to do your bidding?

Make them search your competitor’s keywords or URL and record all their PPC Ads? At Traffic Jam Media, we chose to search all  your competitors PPC campaigns to enable  our clients to better target their online marketing.

In 2013, we  found that software worked better than monkeys, and that computers were cheaper than infinite bananas...   the principle remained the same.

Ad Volume and timing

Understanding what products or services your competitors are targeting and in what numbers gives a great insight into their strategy.

Maximise effectiveness of Ads

By reviewing the competitor’s Ad Copy we can identify how you competition pitches their products or services and learn from their strengths and weakness to ensure you have great ad copy from day 1.

More Jam!

We have plenty more infinite monkeys (and some highly trained people).  Talk to us about how we can analyse your competitors websites, product and service offerings to maximise your sales.

Call us today on 02921 167 960.

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