Google confirms that website comments have more value than comments on social media networks

Google confirms that website comments have more value than comments on social media networks

At a recent State of Search conference, Google’s Gary Illyes has confirmed that comments hold more value if they’re posted directly on your website, rather than as a response to the content being shared on social media networks and other third-party websites.

As Illyes explained, comments on your website provide better engagement signals for SEO. This is because, according to a previous statement from Google, ‘a thriving community’ can improve your organic rankings. Additionally, SEO Roundtable explains that comments on your site could result in more links to your story, which will also have a considerable impact on that content’s ranking in search engines.

This fact has also been reiterated by Twitter user, Alan Bleiweiss, in a recent tweet regarding the State of Search conference.

The TJM take: Although many website owners ‘switch off’ comments on their website to avoid spam, and instead encourage their readers to engage with their content through social media networks, comments on social media won’t directly help your website in terms of content ranking factors.

However, sharing links to your content on social media will still drive traffic to your site (as well as increase your brand’s presence on the web). Therefore, you should continue to utilise social media networks, while enabling comments on your website.

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