Twitter plans to hide abusive tweets and ensure ‘safer’ search results

Twitter plans to hide abusive tweets and ensure ‘safer’ search results

In a bid to reduce abusive behaviour and make the platform safer for its users, Twitter will be releasing a number of new safety features.

As was announced through the official Twitter blog last week, the incoming updates (which will include the introduction of ‘safer’ search results) will give users greater control over what they see on Twitter.

As well as expanding on November’s update, which made it easier for users to mute and report abusive content on the platform, it follows last week’s announcement that users can now report tweets that mention them, even if they have been blocked by the user that originally posted it.

The first change that Twitter hopes to implement is preventing the creation of new abusive accounts. As they explain in their original announcement, they are taking steps to identify people who have been permanently suspended and prevent them from creating new accounts. This will particularly effective for targeting those that create accounts with the sole intention of harassing others.

As we’ve already mentioned, the platform also plans to roll out ‘safer’ search results. Although users will still have the option to view inappropriate content if they wish, the new ‘safe search’ will remove Tweets that contain potentially sensitive content, as well as Tweets from blocked and muted accounts.

Last, but not least, the Twitter team are also working on hiding abusive tweets. As their announcement reveals, they will identify and collapse ‘low-quality’ replies to Tweets that appear in users’ timelines. However, this content will still be discoverable to those that wish to find them.

Twitter says that users can expect to see this last change being rolled out in the coming weeks.

The TJM take: Harassment and abusive behaviour is one of the biggest issues with the growth of social media, and we’re glad that Twitter is taking serious steps towards reducing this.

Although these updates are still in the works at the moment, we really hope they prove to be effective. Nonetheless, stopping permanently suspended users (who create accounts with the sole intention of abusing others) from creating new accounts will be a good next step for the platform to take.

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