Twitter is experimenting with a built-in tweetstorm feature

Twitter is experimenting with a built-in tweetstorm feature

Last week, a number of people noticed that Twitter is testing a new built-in ‘tweetstorm’ feature. For those not in the know, a ‘tweetstorm’ is when a person’s tweet exceeds the platform’s 140-character limit, requiring them to post what they want to say in a ‘chain’ of tweets.

As Search Engine Journal explains in their article, one of the main drawbacks of this method is that the tweets need to be written in an external app in advance, as well as posted in rapid succession for them to appear in the right order. However, the new Twitter tweetstorm feature appears to ‘chop’ the tweet into multiple posts as you write it in the app. It will then post them in the correct order for you.

As of yet, the tweetstorm feature is in limited testing, and Twitter has refused to comment on whether it will become a permanent feature of the app in future.

The TJM take: Tweetstorms are very popular on Twitter, and we can see this feature being very useful for businesses that provide customer service through the platform. Currently, longer queries will need to be posted as screenshots, in a series of rapidly posted tweets, or taken to email (which makes the process longer).

With this in mind, we’d be surprised if the new feature (which Twitter is referring to as ‘threads’) didn’t become more widely tested, or even introduced as a permanent feature to the platform in future.

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