Tracking: How do you measure up?

Tracking: How do you measure up?

Every business wants to know their customers better.  Every business wants to know how effective their marketing is. However many businesses fail to track basic information like where their customers found them.

If you need to justify your marketing budget, make sure you know the impact you campaigns have.

1. AdWords conversion tracking.

AdWords conversion tracking lets you know how many customers reach your ‘conversion’ page and some information about how they got there.  Your conversion page can be shown after they made a purchase, have filled in a form or for some clients, when certain information is displayed.

2.  Click to call

Click to call displays your number on the search page of Google.  For customers using a mobile device, they have the option to call using this number.   While very effective for services where the customer needs to talk to you, care is required to limit this to office hours and when you know the call will be handled properly.

3.  E-Commerce

Using E-Commerce tracking brings greater depth on the basket of products, the currency and the customer information.  E-commerce tracking allows you to reconcile your back office sales data with front line info ensuring you have complete visibility of your operations.

4.  Call tracking

Having implemented conversion tracking on a contact form, business often feel they have gone as far as possible.  We always suggest using different numbers for each route to market or marketing campaign. By using a provider that can tell how many calls you have received on these numbers you can see where customers are finding you.

5.  Social media analytics

Social Media is now a powerful tool for business communication. If you know how powerful your social media is, you can make informed decisions on how to use it, where your focus needs to be. All the social media programs have analytics reports enabling you to gauge views and interactions.  In addition, there are also overlay services that allow you to estimate reach of social interactions.

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