The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.

‘The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining’:  How are the British supposed to plan for this?

Have you left things to the last minute before your busy period?

With the busy holiday period and Black Friday here, we thought we’d share some ideas that will help you maximise your revenues during peak times of the year.

Know your dates

Whether it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the boxing-day sales, knowing when customers are going to be researching and then buying your product or service is very important.

- When do potential customers start researching their purchases?

- When -do your customers actually buy? Is this online or in store? (click here to hear about Google’s new virtual store fronts)

- Celebrations and key shopping dates are often aligned. Are the dates the same across all the area’s you are selling to?

Mine your Data

Understanding what impacted on your performance last month or last year means you can forecast when and how to drive you advertising now.

- What were your real key dates?

- Did your highest sales match up to the dates you expected?

- Use Google Keyword planner to identify trends

If you are a retailer do Google Shopping

- Google’s Shopping platform has grown 110% YoY and the mobile portion has grown a whopping 320% YoY

- Google are pumping money into Google Shopping to ensure that it can compete with Amazon and E-bay. New functionality is improving conversion rates and for businesses with a physical shop front you can even provide information like availability and location

Understand your platforms

Knowing what platforms or apps customers are using can also tell you about what stage of the sales process they are in

- Mobile including tablets account for 35% of all traffic and has grown 46% YoY

- Mobile is used for research phase queries at certain times of the day. For example clothing and gigs are often researched during commutes

- Mobile can also be a key selling time when on the move, but especially in emergencies.

- Targeting users on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter is a great way to fill the start of the sales funnel. Do you know where this will be followed up?

Get In Sync

Are all of your promotions on all of your platforms in sync?  Nothing looks worse than a great offer on your email followed by the pricing not being up to date when

- Do your prices and promotions all match up?

- Does your email follow up have the right messaging?

Know your competition

Research your market to understand what your competitors are doing.  Are you going to be winning business during the Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT)

Is your pricing where it needs to be?

Are you selling the same product next to someone else at a higher rate?

With Google Shopping, Amazon and Ebay all giving great comparison tools to the consumer, this is a sure fire way to reduce your sales.

Can your adverts include pricing?

Showing pricing in the advert means the customer knows exactly what the cost will be before they click. This lowers your cost of acquisition by reducing wasted clicks and improving on site conversion rates.

Are you offering free delivery?

Free delivery on any order will increase conversions

Free Delivery on minimum orders has shown to make 58% of people increase their basket size.

Are people waiting for a sale?

- Customers are getting smarter. Retailers are seeing customers hold back their purchases until the sales hit

- Retailers are now bringing forwards their sales start dates to smooth demand and reduce reliance on one or two days

If your business spikes during sale days or seasons, you know how important these time windows can be.  Getting the basics right is essential.  We believe great digital marketing campaigns are run with the same philosophy of incremental improvement as the Team Sky cycling team.  Consistent checking tweaking and testing make a good year into a record breaker, and we would love to show you how…

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