Tech Treats: 30.05.16

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Highlights from Google’s Performance Summit: latest AdWords and Analytics updates will focus on mobile devices

Last Tuesday, Google hosted a Performance Summit where they announced a number of updates for AdWords and Analytics users.

Taking into account that almost half of Google searches are now performed on mobile devices, many of the updates will focus on how we use smartphones and tablets to interact with the world.

One exciting change you can expect to see is the ability to bid differently for tablets. This is great news for any business that wants to focus on driving more traffic through specific mobile devices.

Other updates include expanding text ads and releasing more features to improve local search. To do so, Google will utilise special offers and a new ‘promoted pins’ ad format.

As part of the text ad expansion, advertisers there will now be two 30-character headlines, rather than one 25-character headline. The two 35-character description lines will also be replaced with a single 80-character description.

At the Summit, Google also announced that advertisers will soon be able to set modifiers for age and gender, and that they will be improving the Display Network with responsive ads. These will enable advertisers to provide basic information (such as headlines, descriptions, images and URLs), and have their ad created by Google.

Additionally, Google AdWords is due to face an interface redesign, although this won’t be coming until the end of 2017. The redesign will make Google AdWords more user friendly, and bring the design in-line with the new app.

For more information on the updates, check out PPC Hero’s 6 takeaways from Google’s Performance Summit.

The TJM take: There is a big push to make the mobile UX very similar to the desktop. Where previously, this meant mobile mirroring desktop, now desktop is mirroring mobile. Microsoft are pushing this with Windows devices with some success.

Extending text ads is also a nifty way for Google to increase competition on the platform as it will give the top rankers with more real estate on the SERP.

And in regards to maps? It was only a matter of time before this became pay to play.

Google announces updates for Shopping Products Feed Specification

On 25th May, this year’s updates were confirmed for the Google Shopping Products Feed Specification. The incoming updates are as follows:

  • ‘Unit pricing’ will soon be available for all markets to ensure consistency in the way prices are displayed. To display these, you will now need to use unit_pricing related attributes.
  • Item disapprovals will now be enforced for advertisers that don’t use ‘colour’ and ‘size’ value submissions for apparel products. This ruling will apply to Germany, France, Japan and the UK.
  • The ‘Gtin’ and ‘google product category’ requirements will now also apply to Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, India, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Turkey. Not providing these values will result in item disapprovals.
  • The minimum image size for non-apparel items will be increased from 32 x 32 pixels to 100 x 100 pixels. Google also recommends that your images are of a high quality.
  • The maximum feed file size will increase from 1 GB to 4 GB.

Before the updates go live, advertisers may be required to make changes to their product data. From the beginning of September, all updates will go into full effect (excluding the GTIN requirements). This will instead be rolled out from 14th February, 2017.

For more information on these updates, Check out the Google AdWords blog.

The TJM take: We will be in touch with our clients to guide them through these changes. If you are not our client and would like some help, let us know!

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