Tech Treats: 29.03.16

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Google AdWords undergoes navigation redesign

On Monday, it was announced that Google AdWords would undergo its first major redesign in 8 years. Focusing primarily on navigational changes, the redesign comes as a result of shorter mobile browsing sessions overtaking those on desktop, as well as the increasing complexity of the AdWords portfolio.

The redesign will be rolled out to selected advertisers immediately, with plans to continue into 2017.

As Paul Feng, AdWords product management director, explained to Search Engine Land, “there is now increased demand on marketers and on AdWords as a platform. Advertisers are running ads in search, display, shopping, mobile [and] video. Ultimately, that’s why we’re re-imagining AdWords.”

With feedback from advertisers in mind, the newly redesigned AdWords will make it easier to optimise campaigns and identify opportunities by only showing relevant data. For example, if an ad doesn't use keywords, then a “keyword” tab won’t be displayed in the navigation.

For more information, check out the original post from the Inside AdWords blog.

The TJM take: From what we can see, these changes are being applied to enable easier adaptation for new users. We’ve seen a massive push from Google to drive more users from smaller businesses, and this is no doubt an attempt to make the platform appear as being simple to implement and manage.

It’s unclear at the moment if the platform will lose the more granular elements that professionals rely on to optimise campaign performance.

Is Google developing a keyboard to boost iPhone searches?

Last week, it was reported that Google is due to release its own keyboard for iPhone users.

According to the original report from The Verge, the keyboard, which will feature predictive text and gesture-based typing, will increase the number of Google searches being performed on Apple devices. It will also employ the Google logo, which can be tapped to quickly access a web search function.

It will be competing against other replacement apps for the iPhone, including the increasingly popular Swiftkey and Swype.

The TJM take: With mobile searches steadily overtaking desktop, Google is doing all it can to preserve its spot as the leading search engine.

As Search Engine Land points out, this isn’t the first time Google has targeted Apple, one of the world’s largest and most powerful tech companies, to do so. In 2014, Google paid approximately $1 billion to remain the iPhone’s default search engine.

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