Tech Treats: 25.07.16

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Mayer finally finds a buyer for Yahoo internet business

Verizon has confirmed a $4.8bn bid for Yahoo’s internet business, which looks set to include the search business and the applications. However, this is not going to include the stake in Alibaba or cash. The purchase has been hailed as giving Verizon an opportunity to provide a smarter advertising platform by combining it with last year’s purchase of AOL.

The TJM take: With over 1bn monthly users, Yahoo does have scale and clout. As reported before, we do feel that other elements, such as the Applications, will be able to be spun off into either billable or freemium product offerings.

Verizon is a traditional telecoms company and has been working to integrate their infrastructure play with more rich media.

Application process for Twitter Verification has been released

Twitter has announced it will be providing brands and public personalities with a more formal process for getting their account verified. This verification system is helpful for users as it ensures they know they are communicating with the correct entity.

The TJM take: Our hunch here is that this could be precursor to accepting payments online (something that clearly you want to only be doing with real retailers!), and an Enterprise platform with additional paid functionality.

More details on Twitter verification can be found at The Next Web.

AdWords now lets you import call conversions

To our minds, this is a bit of a non-starter. Not (mind you) because the functionality is not good- it is a good advancement. However, it is a non-starter because none of our clients use Google Call tracking. The reason none of our clients use this is because it only allows you to track calls in AdWords, plus the call volume requirements mean that clients will be spending a decent bit of wedge on the traffic.

In today’s heady mix of platforms and traffic sources, if you are spending enough on Google AdWords to enable the call tracking, you should also be spending enough in other places to warrant the spend on a platform like Infinity Call Tracking!

To find out more, check out the Google AdWords blog.

Cross device conversions will automatically appear in AdWords

In the last of the flurry of AdWords news, Google has announced that it can now automate cross device conversions. This is undoubtedly useful and we will be eager to see the data develop.

The TJM take: …but (and this is a bit of a bad but…) as we have reported before, users tend not to log in on Google, as logging in is more of an annoyance than a benefit. The number of instances where a user is logged in on 2 or 3 devices is going to be significant, but not universal. This is ultimately where Google needs to gain ground and where Facebook is leading the pack.

Hieroglyphs on the up as another 72 emoji are on their way

It’s clear to see that more and more people of all age groups are using Emojis in their communications.

Apparently, 90% of people over 35 use Emojis, though we assume this is from a population that has a smartphone with suitable apps installed. They are even working their way into emails... although we do not agree with this, some entrepreneurs may well do! Nonetheless, the point still remains that they are becoming ubiquitous with modern communication styles.

The TJM take: While this can be considered a startling statistic, we feel it would be interesting to see how many are actually used.

With that in mind, we guess the simple smiley face and that wretched crying laughing face are the most popular… less so the others.  Thankfully.

Find out more on why brands should learn the language of Emojis in this Digital Marketing Magazine article.

Video ads to appear in mobile video searches

This is a useful tweak to the system.. While people are in the mood to watch videos, hit them with a video advert!

We can see this working will for informational/useful videos and perhaps with remarketing, but our fingers are poised over that ‘Skip advert in 5…4…3…2…’ button whenever we see an advert. Our advice if you are going to use this? Content and targeting are going to be key!

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