Tech Treats: 25.01.16

Welcome to Tech Treats, our weekly feature where we provide our clients with the latest news on all things digital marketing. From current trends and innovations, to fresh tips on getting the most out of your paid adverts, we’ll ensure you’re always kept in the loop!

Here are the topics we’ll be discussing with our clients this week:

Google will continue working to reduce bad ads in 2016

Last week, the Inside AdWords blog posted a round-up of how they fought “bad ads” in 2015. Bad ads, as defined by Google, are those “that carry malware, cover up content you’re trying to see, or promote fake goods.” Examples also include weight loss scams and any ads that are designed to trick users into clicking on them.

It was revealed that in the past year, Google rejected more than 17 million ‘trick to click’ ads, as well as stopping over 25,000 ads from showing on mobile apps as they didn't follow Google AdWords' policies. This year, Google also hopes to work on developing technology that will determine which ad clicks are accidental.

The TJM take: Google must be getting better at cleansing the adverts.  It probably also suggests that there is still some great money to be made by using dodgy adverts.

The dodgy ads arms race is probably un-winnable, but as Google flex up and down the algorithms to check for dodgy adverts, there will always be some legitimate casualties. Keep your eyes open for our soon to be launched advert creation guide!

For information, check out the Inside AdWords blog.

UK users more likely to shop on mobile, while desktop searches fall

Data from ComScore has determined that Google searches from desktop computers have declined by 9%. As Search Engine Land reported last week, these searches have moved over to mobile devices and other platforms.

This figure also coincides with results from a recent survey, conducted by Episerver, which positions the UK as the nation now most likely to shop using a mobile. The survey found that in the past month, over 50% of those surveyed had made a purchase using a mobile device.

The TJM take: Functionality, speed, apps, increased trust and ease of payment are accelerating sales on mobile. If you are not targeting mobile users (smartly!), your competition definitely is…

Bing releases a range of new ad extensions

Earlier this month, PPC Hero posted a round-up of several of the new ad extensions released by Bing. Many of these extensions are similar to those already available for use in Google AdWords, and include Callout Extensions, Image Extensions, App Extensions, ActionLink Extensions and Review Extensions. The extensions are all currently in the beta phase.

The TJM take: Bing and Yahoo are slowly (oh, so slowly) clawing back market share.  The increase in users is driving the advertisers back, which increases investment. While this pushes up CPC slightly (but it's still heavily discounted vs. Google), this is also making advertisers run their accounts more accurately.

This process creates a virtuous circle: more relevant search results = more users, more users = more advertisers, more advertisers = more competition, and more competition = more relevant adverts! It’s the circle of life!

For more information, check out this post from the Bing Ads help section. To enquire about using extensions in paid search campaigns, get in touch with Traffic Jam Media today.

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