Tech Treats: 21.03.16

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Facebook allows more specified targeting with Audience Optimisation

Earlier this year, Facebook released Audience Targeting, their new organic targeting tool.

Designed to help advertisers better understand the interests of their audiences, the tool will take into account a user’s ‘likes’ to determine their likelihood of engaging with an ad. Using the tool’s Preferred Audience feature, advertisers will be able to add ‘interest’ tags to their content on Facebook, ensuring it’s prioritised for the users most likely to engage with it.

The Audience Restrictions and Audience Insights features also enable advertisers to limit the visibility of posts based on metrics such as location and gender. Additionally, they will provide insights on how the targeted audience is interacting with this content.

The TJM take: with the increased accuracy this targeting can bring, this will be a great feature for our clients. However, do keep in mind that you’ll need to keep an eye on the reach becoming so small that the build cost kills the ROI.

Google favours mobile-friendly websites with new algorithm

In a continued bid to make the web more mobile-friendly, Google has announced the latest update to their algorithm for mobile search results.

Expanding on last year’s use of ‘mobile-friendliness’ as a ranking signal, the latest update from Google (which will be rolled out in May), will increase the effect of this ranking signal. This update will help to ensure that relevant mobile-friendly content is easier for searchers to find.

Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? This will need to be fixed before May. Check out Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and Webmaster Mobile Guide.

The TJM take: There is only one direction of travel here: mobile-friendly websites will increasingly be ranked higher than before. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is definitely an area to invest in.

Better data management with Google Analytics 360 Suite

Last week, Google announced the release of the Google Analytics 360 Suite. These new products have been designed to simplify the process of unifying advertising data across multiple platforms.

Products to be included in this paid for suite include a new data management platform (DMP), and an on-site testing tool. Google Tag Manager, which is currently a feature of Analytics, will also be released as a standalone product.

The TJM take: These products are the evolution of the paid for Analytics suite.  It will be interesting to see what filters down into the free products.

Bing Ads now testing social media extensions

As Search Engine Land reported last week, Bing is currently testing social media ad extensions. Located under the ad copy, the extension will allow advertisers to directly link users to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

As well as directing users directly to each of their individual social media accounts, advertisers are also able to include hashtags. Below is an example of how these will appear:

Bing Ads Social Extensions

Image of a Bing ad using Social Extensions. Source: Search Engine Land

The TJM take: We feel this is definitely something to keep on your radar, and will be particularly useful for any clients that deliver a large chunk of their customer service through social media. This will also be a great feature for businesses that use digital marketing to establish their brand positioning, rather than generate direct sales.

Although currently in its beta phrase in the US, Bing Ads has piqued Google AdWords to the post with this previously unseen feature. If it’s a success, it will be interesting to see if they follow suit.

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