Tech Treats: 19.01.16

Welcome to Tech Treats, a new weekly feature where we’ll provide our clients with the latest news on all things digital marketing. From current trends and innovations, to fresh tips on getting the most out of your paid adverts, we’ll ensure you’re always kept in the loop!

Here are the topics we’ll be discussing with our clients this week:

Google core search algorithm update

On January 8th, Google ran a core algorithm update. This has been linked to the Panda algorithm, which is concerned with the quality of website content. However, as this latest update was implemented in the first week after the Christmas period, telling if sites have been impacted is a little difficult.

Panda is now run in real time (rather than being scheduled). This means that if you have seen a downwards trend, then the good news is you can get to work fixing it straight away, and will not need to wait for it to update again.

Penguin is the one to watch out for, and this is due imminently. Penguin looks at back link profile and has negatively impacted companies that had ‘spammy’ link profiles.

Be afraid if:

1. You have a huge number of links built a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

2. You have used a link building service in the past which has focused on volume rather than quality.

The rumour mill suggests that Penguin may become part of the real time algorithm. However, this speculation has been around for a while. This could mean one of a few things:

1. The next update will go ‘real time’

2. Going real time has been too difficult to implement

3. Testing has caused the internet to break (too many casualties that should not have been impacted) leading to worse user experience

Our recommendations? Check the back link profile ASAP and get going on a disavow file.

If you need some help with this, get in touch with our experts.

Google AdWords reject "curvy" and "plus-size" targeting

Social news website, Buzzfeed, reported last week that a clothing retailer had an ad rejected by Google AdWords due to their targeting of those that used “curvy” and “plus-sized” in Gmail correspondences.

This has brought attention to the fact that Google’s Advertising Policies prohibit the use of body-type and personality-type targeting, as they may be construed negatively by searchers.

Although Google prohibits body-type and personality-type targeting as a whole, the specific exclusion of keywords such as “plus-size” and “curvy” could put plus-size clothing retailers at a disadvantage, as it will now be harder to target their specified audience.

Google will probably revert or find a sensible solution, but in the meantime, there are still many other options on how you could target for these groups.

Google turns off APIs

Google has announced that they will be turning off the Google Patent Search API, Google News Search API, Google Blog Search API, Google Video Search API and Google Image Search API.

This change will only affect you if your business uses APIs. So if you do directly, or work with a 3rdparty that does, then you might have a casualty. We advise that you double-check with your account manager if you’re unsure.

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