Tech Treats: 18.07.16

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AdWords introduces new Price extension

For companies that have simple to understand pricing offers (cost per month, based on a feature spec, etc.), the new Price extension allows advertisers to give details on their costs for the product.

The price will appear in a box with some basic info and users will have the option to scroll through a carousel format.

TJM take: This new extension provides the benefits of a Shopping campaign (customers can review before they click), with the simplicity of search. We think these should get a good CTR for the next month or so while fresh, although the actual conversions will depend on the product/price mix. However, once customers are used to this function it will be very heavily used. Make sure you get them in early!

For the curious, there are a few screenshots here.

Google Shopping enhances customer experience

Google announced that their shopping experience will be enhanced. There a few key elements here:

Firstly, when a customer searches for a ‘non specific’ term like ‘running shoes’, they will be shown the shopping adverts as normal. When they click on one, they'll be taken to a showcase page with more options. The advertiser will only be charged when a click is made to their website.

Secondly, Google will allow Shopping adverts to be shown around relevant YouTube videos. The format is very similar to Dynamic Shopping adverts (or Dynamic PLAs), where the adverts follow a user around

Finaly, prices will be automatically converted into local currency. This is useful where you are buying overseas

Search engine land did a good write up on these here.

TJM take: The new Shopping format in point one seems really powerful, and we're looking forward to trying this out with our clients.

We can see the Video adverts taking a while to set up to run, as selecting the videos will be a chore. This is possibly for those with slightly larger budgets…

Creepy or cool in store shopping experiences

As the digital and ‘real’ worlds start to merge, augmented reality takes off and Pokemons are invading our Green and pleasant land, the brain boxes have been working out how to make the shopping experience richer.

The author feels that the biggest progress would be a shorter queue at John Lewis and clearer exit signage so as to reduce time spent, but he is a cynic and slightly misanthropic. Humph…

The rest of the world seems to think that this greater integration would be good for the shopper. This link has some interesting concepts that are either available or very close to being.

Female professional emojis are now here

For the social junkies out there, we have good news; you can now get all your favourite professionals in female variants. Doctors, Scientists you name it!

It’s hard to think how we ever lived without them before….

To bring it back to slightly serous, these will (in principle) all be searchable via Twitter.

More info can be found here.

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