Tech Treats: 18.04.16

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Google AdWords tests green ‘Ad’ label in search results

Last week, a number of eagle-eyed marketers noticed that the usual yellow ‘Ad’ labels were appearing as green in Google PPC ads.

It has been theorised that green may have been to chosen the match the colour of the URL text, which will result in paid campaigns looking less like adverts.

As a recap, here’s how the yellow and green icons look when compared:

Green ad label Yellow ad label

Source for images: Search Engine Watch

Although reportedly being spotted throughout the US and Europe, this change hasn’t been rolled out to all users, and there has currently been no word from Google on whether this could be a permanent update.

The TJM take: Big data samples is what Google needs to test such a small difference, but big data is what Google has. We wonder if they will make it unique to individual users and perhaps change it by the time of day, day of the week, etc.

No doubt, we will all be susceptible to being marketed to better.

Apple is developing a Google AdWords-style platform for the App Store

Apple could be taking inspiration from Google AdWords by developing their own paid-for advertising platform.

The new advertising product, which will help developers increase the prominence of their apps in the App Store, is currently being worked on by approximately 100 Apple employees. However, at this point in time it’s unclear when it will be released to the public.

The TJM take: It was only a matter of time before the search function was monetised. Expect an earlier mover advantage, and then stiff competition. As ever, the big boys will all know average client values so will bid for a long term ROI.

To compete effectively, make sure you know your data!

European parliament to enforce tougher data protection rules

The European parliament has voted in favour of tougher rules on data protection.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, which were developed over a four-year period, are designed to give consumers much better protection and will back this up with much stricter penalties for breaches.

Due to the commonness of such incidents, data regulators will now be able to fine businesses as much as 4% of their annual turnover. Ouch!

For more information on the scope, Wikipedia has a nice layman’s breakdown.

The TJM take: Take note! Every business needs to be aware of this. Particularly, anyone handling more than 5,000 contact details over a year is going to need to react to the GDPR regulations.

If you think this does not apply to you now, then it should be by the time it comes into force by 2018. Data is driving marketing like never before, and if you are not handling this level of data, you will be leaving money on the table with your marketing.

We’ll be reviewing how we can help our clients with this, as well as providing information on how they can stay compliant. Watch this space!

New reporting capabilities available in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has launched a range of new reporting options for integration with Google AdWords. These are due to be rolled out to all advertisers in the next few weeks.

The new features include Auto-tagging Override, which will automatically amend UTM tags in Google Analytics, and deeplinking. The latter will ensure logos appear next to each campaign in Analytics, so you can quickly make changes in AdWords.

Sitelink reports will also prove useful as they can track the amount of clicks on each individual sitelink, rather than the ad as a whole. Additionally, “destination URLs” will be known as “final URLs” in both Analytics and AdWords.

The TJM take: As we’re now being able to break down paid search as a channel, Google is getting one step-closer to becoming a one-stop shop reporter. Although slow, these integrated versions are a good start.

Is Facebook Messenger becoming a platform for customer service?

A new demo has been rolled out for the Facebook Messenger app.

Following the ability for users to send multimedia messages, which include the likes of GIFs and videos, the demo further demonstrated how the app can make it easier for brands to deliver customer service.

As QUARTZ has reported, order and shopping information could be sent directly to the app, meaning staff will no longer have to search through old email threads. The demo also shows a customer placing an order with Facebook Messenger’s blue ‘thumbs up’ button.

Check out the original article from QUARTZ for more information.

The TJM take: We’re excited to see how Facebook continues to utilise for business. Expect to see some major developments on this over the next 12 months.

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