Tech Treats: 13.06.16

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Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Today news broke that Microsoft will be buying LinkedIn, the professional social networking platform, in a deal worth an estimated $26.2 billion.

According to CNBC, Microsoft will be acquiring the social media network for $196 per share. Following the announcement, shares for LinkedIn have risen by a total of 48%.

Although not much is known about the acquisition at this point, it has been confirmed that Jeff Weiner will remain as CEO of LinkedIn. He will now report to Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft.

The TJM take: A very strategic purchase! LinkedIn have flirted with profitability, but as with many tech companies, reinvestment to boost revenue and subscriber growth is the main strategy.

With so many geographies to conquer, this will always be an expensive move. Nonetheless, $26 billion is a multiplier of ~7 times annual revenue, which is cheap in comparison to many tech firms. Snapchat, for example, is valued at $16 billion and only $300 million in 2016 revenues.

What sets LinkedIn apart from many other unicorns is its diverse revenue streams (such as recruitment and selling advertising space through LinkedIn’s marketing platform), and the fact that it is dominant in each (albeit through niches). PPC advertising has massive untapped potential, and the potential for crossovers with Microsoft Office apps (such as Lync), is also mind-boggling.

Can we get an email and phone ‘custom lists’ and ‘look-a-likes’ soon?!

As long as Microsoft have an open approach to integration and don’t force their ‘dog food’ on us, then this has great potential.

Google AdWords enables import of offline conversions into Salesforce

Google has announced the release of AdWords Conversions Import for Salesforce, a new feature that will allow users to import offline conversions from Salesforce’s Sales Cloud into the AdWords platform.

As the Inside AdWords blog explains, this new feature measures the value of offline conversions that result from online AdWords clicks without the need to manually reconcile data. The aim is to make it easier for users to make decisions based on data from multiple sources and utilise their budgets in the best way.

How does it work? It’s as simple as linking your accounts, and choosing the goals you wish to track as conversions. When someone clicks on your advert, your website will capture a unique ID that explains which ad was clicked on. This information will then be stored in Salesforce, where it will be regularly checked by AdWords.

The TJM take: This has been a long time coming and will definitely make it easier for users to attribute offline conversions to the correct campaign and gauge the value of their online ads.

However, why has it taken so long to be implemented? This is pretty surprising, especially considering the fact that Salesforce already has a plug-in for SharpSpring, the marketing automation software we use with our clients.

At Traffic Jam Media, we still find value in using Sharpspring with API directly into Salesforce. For more information on this, get in touch with our team.

Apple announces search ads and other updates for the App Store

Last week was an exciting week for Apple with the announcement of three major updates for the App Store. These include showing paid search ads, as well as shortening app review times and allowing any category of app to use subscriptions.

App reviews were originally supposed to take no longer than five working days, although this wasn’t possible in the long run due to various updates being released. Following this, Apple is now aiming for 50% of apps to be approved in a 48-hour period.

With the new subscriptions rules, app developers will also be rewarded a higher amount of revenue if they hold subscribers for more than a year. Additionally, profits may increase to 85% during the second year of the subscription.

Check out this Tech Crunch article for more information.

The TJM take: Offering their own version of Pay Per Click will definitely put them in the running against Google. However, this will no doubt lower revenue for apps.

We can imagine there being a big uptake on this. Stayed tuned for more information as it’s released!

MPs warn of lack of digital skills in the UK: are we facing a crisis?

MPs have warned that urgent action is needed to fight against the lack of digital skills in the UK.

As BBC News reports, this statement follows revelations that 12.6 million adults lack basic digital skills, while 5.8 million have never used the internet. Reports also found that 22% of school IT equipment is ineffective, and just 35% of computer science teachers hold a relevant qualification.

With predictions that the UK will need another 745,000 workers with digital skills by 2017, MPs worry that a lack of digital knowledge risks damaging the country’s competitiveness as a tech leader in Europe.

The TJM take: The figures speak for themselves- the future is digital, and that includes marketing. But in a world in an age where internet has become a human right, we’re bound to still encounter a few Luddites.

We believe we need to be leading the way, and we’re keen to see more investment in Cardiff becoming the ‘Silicon Valleys’!

…and one last thing: we’re working with Chwarae Teg!

We’ve recently engaged with Chwarae Teg, a charity that supports and promotes the development of working women in Wales.

Following the on-going growth of the Traffic Jam Media team, we’ll be working with the local charity to address gender balances and support our female staff while they further develop their skills.

We will be keeping our readers up-to-date along the process of working with Chwarae Teg. Stay tuned for our next update!

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