Tech Treats: 13.01.16

Welcome to Tech Treats, a new weekly feature where we’ll provide our clients with the latest news on all things digital marketing. From current trends and innovations, to fresh tips on getting the most out of your paid adverts, we’ll ensure you’re always kept in the loop!

Here are the topics we’ll be discussing with our clients this week:

Google enables interactive ads

In January, Google announced that they would be rolling out two immersive new ad formats for app advertisers.

Having discovered that one in four apps are downloaded but never used, the new ads are intended to drive downloads from the Google Play Store while engaging users’ ever shortening attention. The new formats are:

Trial Run Ads: an ad that enables users to play up to 60 seconds of a game before downloading.

Customised mobile ads: a customisable format that allows advertisers to use HTML5 to showcase the best of their products and service offerings.

What’s our take on this?

A Trial Run works for game ads, but outside of gaming, most people are going to struggle to justify the budget for a game to get people on site.

HTML5 however has some great potential, allowing advertisers to give users an engaging front end that can take them directly into their eco-system.

You are also able to trial a range of CTAs to determine which is the most successful at generating conversions.

Where can I find out more?

Check out this guide on the Google AdWords blog.

Optimise in AdWords with Smart Goals

According to Google, many small-to-medium sized businesses are neglecting to measure their website conversions. This is essential for determining how to best optimise your future ads and bids, increasing your conversion rate.

Google has now introduced Smart Goals, an easy-to-use tool that will measure factors such as location, browser and pages per session to identify the highest quality visitors to your website and optimise for these visits in AdWords.

What’s our take on this?

Although easy-to-use, we can’t see this being as accurate or provide the insight that most clients would need. Small businesses that are not tracking anything may find this useful in a ‘better than nothing’ vein, but really accounts should be set up using best practice and tracking all relevant events.

For advice on targeting and Google Best Practices, we’d recommend speaking to one of our account managers.

Where can I find out more?

Check out this helpful article or this post from the Google AdWords blog.

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