Tech Treats: 09.05.16

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Google continues to fight against accidental ad clicks

Over the last four years, Google has worked on increasing protection against accidental ad clicks. This has been achieved by introducing features such as a ‘clickability delay’ and blocking certain click types.

Last week, Google announced that they would be expanding their accidental click protection to native ads. As a result of the latest update, Google will now be ignoring super-fast clicks and those that are too close to the edge of the ad.

The TJM take: This is a warmly welcomed update as it decreases the amount of irrelevant clicks, saving your budget where needed. It will also mean a better service for display advertising.

Google adds related topics to selected featured snippets

Google have extended their featured snippets to include “related topics”, it was reported last week.

Featured snippets appear in search results to provide quick answers to particular searched phrases or queries. With that in mind, “related topics” are hyperlinks to results for additional related queries. An example of how they work can be seen below:

Featured snippet with related topics

Image of a featured snippet with related topics. Source: Search Engine Land

The TJM take: This is great news if you rely heavily on pay-per-click! As organic results will be pushed further down the page, paid search advertisers are more likely to get clicks.

Google is rumoured to be exploring an acceptable ads policy

According to industry insiders, Google could be close to exploring the possibility of releasing their own acceptable ads policy. This would, most likely, be a set of guidelines to ensure ads are not intrusive or disruptive to web users.

Ad executives from Google have already publicly spoken about the need for guidelines for acceptable ads. Additionally, as Digiday reports, many ad-blocking companies already have their own form of an “acceptable ads” policy which work on guidelines such as placement, size and content.

Meanwhile, the IAB’s L.E.A.N. initiative is working to find out the main reasons ads are blocked by users.

If you want to find out more about the nitty gritty, take a look at the original Digiday report.

The TJM take: This will be great for the general user as ads will appear in the best suited search results, ensuring the ones they see are relevant.

A policy of this kind also helps to ensure a ‘fair’ market place for advertisers, eliminating the possibility of creating an unfair advantage for advertisers.

Two-thirds of large UK businesses are affected by cyber-attacks

Government research has revealed that two-thirds of large UK businesses have been plagued by cyber-attacks in the past year. According to the Cyber Security Breaches survey, the majority of these cyber-attacks involved viruses, spyware or malware.

These statistics follow reports that security incidents increased by 38% for all industries in 2015.

As BBC News reports, these results have been released alongside the Cyber Governance Health Check as a result of last year’s cyber-attack on TalkTalk.

The TJM take: These results are very interesting. At Traffic Jam Media, we often notice website attacks before our clients do, which helps us ensure there's no waste of budget on a website that’s down.

Google to livestream this year’s Performance Summit Keynote

At the end of this month, users will be able to watch the Google Performance Summit Keynote on the Inside AdWords Blog or the Google Analytics Blog.

Available on Tuesday 24th May at 5:00 PM, the livestream will be used by Google to “announce products to help you grow your business in a mobile-first world.”

The TJM take: As a digital agency, it’s vital that we stay on top of the latest products to further enhance our services. As we’re seeing a continuous growth in mobile, it will be interesting to see things from Google’s point of view.

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