Tech Treats: 07.03.16

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Target priority accounts with LinkedIn Account Targeting

Last week, LinkedIn announced the launch of their new Account Targeting feature. Following the soon-to-be end of their Display Network, it will enable advertisers to tailor Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail to a priority list of users, allowing for more specified targeting through the platform.

As WebProNews has reported, advertisers will need to provide a list of the priority accounts they want to target through their chosen advertising format, then LinkedIn will cross-reference this list across its database of Company Pages.

For even more specified targeting, advertisers will now also be able to target users based on their job role and seniority.

The TJM take: The functionality has not changed dramatically. What has changed is that LinkedIn will now help add the accounts.  This was previously an awful job as it was hard to match company names.

Due to LinkedIn being a professional network (unlike Facebook and Twitter), usage time tends to be lower. Contracts are also potentially much larger than in B2C business. As a result, competition to advertise on the platform with be higher, along which is reflected in the CPCs. This new ‘granular’ targeting will help to ensure your advert gets seen by the right people, resulting in a higher ROI.

One last thing… did you know that LinkedIn measures your social selling score? Get yours for free with the Social Selling Index!

Windows to release Defender Advanced Threat Protection

The release of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection has been announced, despite rumours of Windows no longer continuing to support the platform.

As Windows explains through the announcement on their blog, Defender Advanced Threat Protection will add an advanced layer of protection by building on existing features from Windows 10, including Credential Guard, Device Guard and Windows Hello.

With the update, Defender will provide key information on why the attack happened, and recommend responses using the system’s security operations data. Implementation through Windows 10 will also ensure it is continuously kept up-to-date.

The TJM take: We recommend Windows Defender as being a great free option, and it will continue to further save costs with its implementation through Windows 10.

Cost of FX keywords increase after Google search results update

It appears some of us are already experiencing an effect of the latest changes to Google search results!

Last month’s update, which saw the removal of ads from the right hand side of the search results, has led to an increase in the CPCs for the most searchable FX (Foreign Exchange) keywords. In some cases, the CPC has even doubled.

The TJM take: As these price hikes show, it’s now more important than ever to ensure every click counts! Focus should be balanced between Google ads and SEO, as well as other paid platforms.

Once you have won traffic, how you use it is also vital. Make sure you are delivering the best value to clients with a cohesive follow up strategy.

Look out for our upcoming blog on Marketing Disaster Recovery Plans for more guidance on this!

Google Compare service to be shut down

On March 23rd, Google will shut down their Google Compare website due to a reported inability to sell ads on the price comparison platform.

Launched in the UK and US in March of last year, the aim of the service was to provide users with price comparisons of the likes of mortgages, car insurance and credit cards. They would then be referred to the website offering the deal, or sold the product directly by Google.

The TJM take: With insurance companies likely to be effected by the recent change to Google’s search page, our bet is that Google can generate similar profits out of the placement of insurance company ads. Offering comparison services is also a step into a new market.

Perhaps the brand and trust is not as easy to build as Google thought!

Increase clicks with Bing’s new Native Ads

Bing Ads will be rolling out a range of new features this year, including Native Ads. Designed to match the form and function of other content on the page (often by having a transparent background), these ads should blend into the background of the website they appear on.

Although this is in its Beta stage and is mainly US based at the moment, the update is due to be rolled out in the UK shortly.

The TJM take: This will likely improve performance in terms of clicks, with Bing claiming that clicks are 5-7% higher from native ads. Although we are unsure if this will necessarily translate to sales, Bing has also said that user intent is typically 53% higher.

It sounds promising, but the proof will be in the pudding!

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