Tech Treats: 06.06.16

Welcome to Tech Treats, our weekly feature where we provide our clients with the latest news on all things digital marketing. From current trends and innovations, to fresh tips on getting the most out of your marketing spend, we’ll ensure you’re always kept in the loop!

May brings further improvements for Bing Ads

In our Tech Treats update from 23rd May, we reported that Bing were releasing a new Universal Event Tracking extension to make it easier for Google Chrome users to check their tags are working correctly.

In May, Bing also brought improvements in the form of Bing Ads Editor 11.0 and the addition of a New Segment tab on the campaigns page.

The rebuild Bing Ads Editor contains a number of new features, including multi account management, a more streamlined advanced search window, and options such as ‘additional targeting’ and ‘exclude website’ now being placed under an Advanced Options tab.

The addition of a new Segmentation tab also ensures you no longer have to leave the Campaigns page to split your campaigns, ad groups and the like into rows based on time, network and device.

Check out this PPC Hero article for more information.

The TJM take: The rebuilt editor and the Segmentation tab bring the platform more into line with AdWords. Functionality is still some time in coming, but good to see Bing continuing to invest.

Find your mobile-friendly rating with Google’s new tool

Google has combined their mobile-friendly testing and page speed testing tools into one new tool for small business owners.

The new tool, which aims to drive more mobile-friendly websites, will provide three scores for mobile-friendliness, mobile speed and desktop speed. These results can be turned into an easy to understand report for your website developer.

Find your website’s scores at

The TJM take: This is a cool tool, and with everything now in one place, it will speed up the process of ensuring your website is both fast and mobile-friendly.

Facebook introduces their advertising training programme

Say hello to Facebook Blueprint, an advertising training programme for business owners to ‘take their marketing to the next level’.

With over 50 eLearning modules available for anyone with a Facebook account, users are able to learn how to use Facebook’s advertising tools and choose modules based on their needs and interests.

Your training can also be accessed from desktop or mobile to suit your needs.

The TJM take: This looks like a handy training kit, and Facebook are making up for lost time on their ad platform. The biggest thing we want to see if a big UI update though!

Facebook’s Safety Check is now community-activated

Facebook’s Safety Check feature, which enables users to mark themselves as ‘safe’ during natural and human disasters, will now be easier to deploy.

Previously, engineers would have to type code to deploy a safety check. However, this update ensures any employee will be able to activate it. Facebook is responding to criticism that it was too ‘western focused’ with disasters in developing countries going unreported.

This has been instantly launched across 80 languages, and Facebook has also added ‘suggested groups’ for those that have been affected by crisis. As Tech Crunch reports, these will act as a place for users to share information on safe places to stay, as well as where to find food, water and supplies.

The TJM take: Hats off to the engineer that tags a Trump election win as a disaster… let’s hope we avoid that one!

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