Tech Treats: 01.02.16

Welcome to Tech Treats, our weekly feature where we provide our clients with the latest news on all things digital marketing. From current trends and innovations, to fresh tips on getting the most out of your paid adverts, we’ll ensure you’re always kept in the loop!

Here are the topics we’ll be discussing with our clients this week:

Automatic malware detection has been added to Google Tag Manager

On January 21st 2016, automatic malware detection was launched as a feature in Google Tag Manager. As Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows users to add HTML tags and related coding to websites, the new feature will scan all tags for viruses, adware and all other types of malware.

If malware is detected, the user will receive a notification on their GTM dashboard.

What’s the reason for this update? Although the Safe Browsing system picks up most malware, it isn’t always 100% accurate when it comes down to scanning custom tags.

The TJM take: While the functionality appears to be similar to the Google Search Console, we feel it’s definitely sensible to take advantage of GTM’s new malware detection feature.

Malware can be added occidentally when installing Plugins, and this can affect user experience and your search engine rankings negatively. Traffic from PPC will also suffer as certain software (such as Norton AntiVirus) will detect the malware and mark your website as unsafe.

Custom formulas now available as custom columns in Google AdWords

Custom columns were first released towards the end of 2014, allowing users to gain additional insight on a campaign’s performance using existing column metrics. Last week, Google announced that they would be expanding on this update by adding custom formulas.

This update will enable you to apply formulas to metrics in other custom columns, measuring the likes of your profits, clicks and CPA values.

The TJM take: We feel this is going to be most useful for incorporating into scripts, and we are going to be testing this over the next few weeks.

Being able to enter fixed values (like target CPAs) that can then be used to set more parameters, based on a variety of other factors, looks promising. If anyone has any tests they would like to run, let us know and we see if/how they can be done!

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