You can now target users who save posts from your business Facebook Page

You can now target users who save posts from your business Facebook Page

Earlier this year, Facebook added new custom Audience Features to enable advertisers to target users based on their engagement with their brand’s Facebook Page.

Since the introduction of the Page Engagement Custom Audience feature, advertisers have been able to build and segment audiences based on whether people have engaged with their business Page and its post(s). However, as Mari Smith reminds users in a recent live broadcast of The Social Scoop, Page admins can now see the number of saves for each post on their Page. Using this information, they can create custom audiences of users who have saved their posts to retarget them with different content.

Page admins are also able to build custom audiences of users that have saved their Page.

In addition to this, Mari Smith announced through the live broadcast that Page admins can select five personal photos to appear on their brand’s Page. This is a feature that is already available for personal profiles on Facebook.

The TJM take: A clear advantage of this new Custom Audience feature is that by targeting people that have saved posts from your Page, you can get a good idea of the content they’re likely to respond well to and target them with it. As a result, the Conversion Rate of your ads should increase.

Our tech team are looking forward to testing this in more detail!

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