Snapchat will measure foot traffic with new location-based ad product

Snapchat will measure foot traffic with new location-based ad product

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, has announced the release of a new location-based based ad-product called ‘Snap Store’, AdWeek reported last week.

The new ad-product, which has already been tested by brands such as Wendy’s 7-Eleven, and Paramount Pictures, measures foot traffic by looking at the number of people that visit a location within one week of seeing one of Snapchat’s vertical-orientated mobile ads.

With the newly released dashboard (which can be seen in the screenshot below), advertisers can compare the whereabouts of people that see an ad against those that don’t. It also offers demographic information on visitors, (such as age, gender, and region), and calculates incremental visitors.

Snapchat will measure foot traffic with new location-based ad product

This location information will only be gathered from users when they open the app, and it isn’t able to tell advertisers specific venues they have visited. Instead, the aggregated data will be split into 60 categories, including music, sports, and restaurants.

Snapchat has announced that they intend to roll out more categories this quarter, including ‘department store shoppers’.

The TJM take: Although Snapchat has said that advertisers won’t be able to see the specific venues users visit after seeing their ads, we still have concerns that people could find the idea of brands knowing the types of places they visit as being intrusive, and be less likely to open the app.

Another issue is that the measurement data won’t be accurate enough, as you are only given information on the type of place a user has visited (such as a gym), rather than a specific venue. However, we’re keen see how this can be improved over time without igniting a privacy debate…

*Image sources: AdWeek/Getty Images

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