Snapchat adds a new universal search bar

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Snapchat adds a new universal search bar

Snapchat has introduced a new universal search bar to make the app quicker and easier to navigate.

According to the original report from Tech Crunch, the new search bar has been ‘designed for speed’. Conveniently located at the top of the app, the aim is that this feature will always be accessible, making it easier for users to find friends, groups, and other publishers.

As Engadget explains in their article, hitting the ‘Quick Search’ button will enable you to easily find the users you interact with the most. From there you’ll be able to choose whether to start messaging them or view their Story (if they’ve recently posted one).

In addition to helping you find other users you’ve connected with, the new universal search bar is also connected to Discover channels and it will be able to index Our Stories based on their title.

Additionally, users will now be able to submit content to the Our Stories section from any location.

The new search bar is currently available for certain Android users, though it will soon be rolled out to all iOS and Android users.

The TJM take: Increased ease of use was definitely needed for the Snapchat app, but as Matt Brian at Engadget has pointed out, there are still some improvements to be made. For example, unlike Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, friend suggestions are still absent from the app.

Nonetheless, the ease in which users can Discover new channels may prove very useful for businesses hoping to get their name out there.

*Image source: Tech Crunch

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