PPC: In House or Agency?

PPC: In House or Agency?

Most businesses that are serious about their online presence will get greater value by using an agency. Here’s why:

Time vs. money

You can’t have your cake and eat it - the less time you spend on a campaign, the less efficiently it will run. Knowing how much time to spend is difficult, especially when staff have competing responsibilities.

Aside from the day to day demands of running your campaign, you need to train your team to keep them up to date. This can be costly. Agencies must stay up to date or they lose clients. They have to deliver.

- How long will it take you or your staff to manage your campaign?

- What happens in busy periods? Can you upscale in time?

- If you freed up campaign management time, could your business be more productive?

Your focus vs. an agency’s

A digital marketing agency is never going to know your business and your industry as well as you. So why use an agency?

An agency knows digital marketing inside and out – you expect this. What makes the difference is when you can deal with people that understand business. Working with an agency that feels like an extension of your team helps you to focus on running your business while we focus on growing it through your digital campaign.

An agency should be investing in technology, training and staff development. That is their business. By using an agency’s services, you will be licencing a slice of this investment – one that is just the right size for you. Most businesses cannot afford this in house – and without it, you can’t get best results.

- What improvement in you cost per acquisition would you need to justify the cost of an agency?

- How much do you want to invest in technology and training?

Risk vs. Reward

Taking on new staff is costly. Between recruitment costs, training, office space and equipment the real cost in the first year can be 150% to 250% of the new employee’s salary. There is also a ‘cost’ while they get up to speed.

With an agency, you know your costs from day one. The costs should be transparent and an agency needs deliver in a short time frame.

If an agency underperforms, it is much easier to end the business contract. Most agencies start on a 30 day notice period.

- If you are new to PPC, can you afford the risk of trialling it in house?

- If your campaign is already up and running, how is it performing? Is that good? What if it stops performing?

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