Pinterest introduces Shop the Look and other new visual discovery tools

Pinterest introduces Shop the Look and other new visual discovery tools

Following the introduction of its visual search and object detection features, Pinterest has announced the release of three new visual discovery tools; Pinterest Lens, Shop the Look, and Instant Ideas.

Utilising Pinterest’s existing ‘discovery engine’, which holds around 100B ideas saved by 150M people, these new features will, as Pinterest explains in their official announcement, “turn any image into an entry point to finding more ideas.” Put simply, this means that users will be easily able to buy products they find on the platform, as well as source style and recipe inspiration.

According to Pinterest, visual search has quickly become one of their most used features, with billions of objects being detected via this tool each month. However, with the new Pinterest Lens, it will now go one step further by not only detecting the object(s) in a photo, but by recommending similar items or even recipes (in the case of ingredients).

In an example given by Pinterest, you could take a picture of some strawberries in a supermarket, and be given a range of interesting and related recipe ideas.

To use this feature (which is currently in Beta), all a user needs to do is point their camera at the object and wait for the recommendations to roll in!

Alternatively, with Instant Ideas, you will now be able to customise your home feed with a simple tap. If you see something interesting while you’re scrolling, just click on the circle in the right corner of any Pin to have more relevant recommendations appear in your feed.

Finally, we have the new Shop the Look feature. For Buyable Pin results on the platform, Pinterest will now present users with different ways to style the item in the Pin, as well as include links to buy the suggested items.

Both Instant Ideas and Shop the Look are available now for iOS, Android, and web users.

The TJM take: Unlike Google Goggles (Google’s own visual search function that’s been long neglected), we can see Pinterest’s offering continuing to go from strength-to-strength.

Whereas Google Googles is a stand-alone app, and therefore seen as more of a “novelty” (how often would you really need to use it to detect an object?), we feel the success of Pinterest’s visual search will lie in the fact that it actually provides a helpful function; to make the shopping experience easier for its users. Not to mention, it also benefits the brands whose products are featured as suggestions…

There’s just one concern; will Pinterest Lens provide offer useful (and relevant) recommendations? At this point, we remain very hopeful. In fact, we can’t wait to see it in action!

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