Pinterest introduces Search Ads with eBay, Garnier, and other brand partners

Pinterest introduces Search Ads with eBay, Garnier, and other brand partners

On 31st January, Pinterest announced that they would be introducing Search Ads to the platform’s 150 million users.

In the official announcement, which was shared through the official Pinterest for Business blog, it was revealed that the new Search Ads would include a full suite of options, such as Keyword and  Shopping Campaigns that will be shown in users’ search results, as well as “powerful new targeting and reporting options”.

Alongside the release of Search Ads, Pinterest have also announced a new partnership with Kenshoo, who made their name via an automated bidding. Pinterest explained that they hoped the partnership would help them to bring Search Ads on Pinterest to more brands and agencies.

So far, they have already started testing their new advertising service with several partners, from eBay and Garnier, to Target and Walgreens (amongst other advertisers). However, they’re planning to add more businesses to this list over the coming months.

The TJM take: In their announcement, Pinterest explained that 97% of the top searches from last year were for non-branded terms or items. This, combined with the visual nature of the platform, will make Search Ads for Pinterest a good option for retailers (especially those that sell clothing, homeware, and similarly visual products).

If Pinterest is a good platform for you, then there are likely some low CPCs that early movers can achieve.

Considering Amazon started tested Product Listing Ads in Google AdWords back in December (though nothing seems to have come of this yet), it’s interesting to see that eBay are one of the first businesses to get on board with Pinterest’s new Search Ads.

Will Amazon be the next to partner with Pinterest for this feature? We’d love to know your thoughts!

*Image source: the Pinterest for Business blog

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