Our mobile marketing predictions and opportunities

Our mobile marketing predictions and opportunities

We previously outlined the state of mobile marketing entering 2016 in our last blog. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

What did we find? Well, with us now spending more time than ever on mobile devices (almost 2 hours a day- I must be dragging that average up!), to Google’s newest requirements for websites to be mobile-friendly, it’s safe to say that it will continue to have an impact on the way we promote our products and services.

With all that in mind, what are our predictions for mobile marketing for the rest of the year?

Apps will gain further ground against browsers for screen time

With the growing use of mobile devices for everything from shopping to logging onto social networks, comes the increased use of apps. This has already been proved as they now account for around 52% of time spent on online digital media (source: Go-Globe). Most of this time is spent on a few core apps that are increasingly becoming ‘enablers’ for other app owners (Google Maps and Uber, for example).

App owners need to start thinking about partnering opportunities as well as how they integrate not only into the OS, but also other apps.

The Internet of Things will call for better targeting

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) defines the trend of physical objects (such as fridges, industrial machinery or the clothes you are wearing) being connected to the internet. It’s been predicted that by 2020, around 50 billion devices with a revenue opportunity of $4tn will be a part of this network- but how does this affect marketing?

With so many devices being connected directly to the internet, marketers will be given access to a lot more information about their customers, allowing for better targeting for future campaigns. However, to reap the benefits, you’ll be required to interface with and analyse more devices data and consider the best methods to target customers through each platform.

Whichever brand of loo roll my connected cupboard recommends will be the one I get!

Apps will target using location

Most of us are familiar with Uber, the smartphone app that accesses users’ data to connect them with nearby taxis. The app also uses this technology for their drivers, pinpointing the users’ pick-up location on a map, as well as send users updates on “surge” pricing in their area.

This approach to marketing has slowly been adopted by retailer’s apps, a trend we can see continuing in 2016 and beyond. Push notifications will continue to target customers based on their proximity to a store, advertising the latest promotions.

Purchases will be made easier through mobile

Last year, Facebook announced plans to start testing a new shopping feature. Using a ‘buy’ button, it would enable users to purchase from retailers directly through the social network, making online shopping quicker, and ensuring users browsed Facebook for as long as possible.

With the increasing popularity of advertising through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s easy to assume that merchants will be interested in using the feature, provided it gets the green light to be implemented.

Additionally, Apple Pay, Android Pay and a host of other connected wallets mean retailers are able to take steps out of the buying process.

My prediction? We can soon walk into a retailer, snap up the goods we want delivered and have them arrive without interacting with anyone else. 2017 perhaps?

Retailers will work towards a “seamless” delivery service to match buying behaviour

With shoppers now being able to place online orders in a matter of minutes, we predict it will be the year that physical services (such as those from Deliveroo, Uber, Amazon et al) will be playing catch-up with ordering technology.

Logistics has definitely improved, but will it ever be as flexible as shoppers’ whims? I doubt it!

What are your predictions for mobile marketing in 2016? Kick us a question on LinkedIn!

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