No longer a commerce platform? Twitter is phasing out its “Buy” button

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No longer a commerce platform? Twitter is phasing out its “Buy” button

Following speculation that Twitter will retire its commerce offering, it appears that the social network has begun to phase out the “Buy” button.

According to a Tech Crunch report, customers of e-commerce platform, Shopify, have received notices that Twitter’s sale platform is getting shut down on 9th February. As the notice explains, this shutdown is due to ‘the Twitter team pivoting their way from their ecommerce focus.”

As Tech Crunch goes on to explain in their article, the “Buy” button made its first appearance in 2014, although it took a year for Twitter to expand this service to Shopify, BigCommerce, Best Buy, and other e-commerce partners. However, consumers and brands never expressed much interest in the offering.

Despite phasing out the “Buy” button, it’s been reported that Twitter will continue to offer a “Donate” button for charities and other non-profit organisations.

The TJM take: With Twitter remaining fairly tight-lipped on the plans of their commerce features since their 2014 launch, it’s not that much of a shock that they’ve decided to finally ‘call it a day’.

What is surprising, however, is the lack of interest the “Buy” button generated from both brands and users alike; especially considering the fact that Instagram (a main competitor) has been slowly moving into e-commerce.

Will the more visual nature of Instagram’s platform help their e-commerce features to triumph where Twitter’s did not?

It feels like Twitter is reigning in its offering and closing the shutters on non-core areas to make them more attractive to a buyer. Sad times!

*Image source: Tech Crunch

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