Say hello to new LinkedIn video ads!

Say hello to new LinkedIn video ads!

LinkedIn has finally followed the lead of Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook by officially rolling out video ads on the platform. Although the professional social network has been testing video ads in beta since August 2017, this is the first time that LinkedIn will make them available to all advertisers.

As Mark Ferree from PPC Hero explains, LinkedIn video ads will be similar to those offered by Facebook as they can be used in campaigns to optimise for traffic or video views. Like Facebook’s video ads, they will also play automatically without sound when a user scrolls past them. Additionally, the ads on both platforms are clearly labelled as being paid for (or sponsored).

According to Anthony Ha from Tech Crunch, the video ads beta (which was offered to 700 advertisers) proved to be a success, with it being reported that users on the platform were engaged with the video ads for three times longer than traditional sponsored content (static video ads).

However, one of the drawbacks of the beta is that the videos had to be hosted offsite, on either Vimeo or YouTube, meaning that advertisers were unable to track video starts, video completions, and other engagement statistics within the platform. Fortunately, both videos and engagement metrics will now be hosted within LinkedIn for better ease of use and reporting.

When setting up your LinkedIn video ads, you can generate traffic by sending users to a specific landing page. You can also choose to collect leads through Lead Gen Forms, or simply choose to maximise the views of your video on the platform.

When uploading your videos, you should make sure it’s horizontal, between 3 seconds and 30 minutes in length, and between 75 KB and 200 MBs in size. It should also be an MP4 file.

For a full list of video ad specs and information on how to set up video ads on the platform, check out PPC Hero’s original article on the LinkedIn video ads update.

The TJM take: As ever LinkedIn are behind the times on features. Video ads (and videos in general) have been proven to generate better engagement than static images, so you should definitely be exploring this avenue if possible.  There should also be a slight discount for early adopters before the pricing matures.  Make sure you don’t miss out!

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