Say hello to Instagram’s new ad type, “Promote” for Stories

Say hello to Instagram’s new ad type, “Promote” for Stories

Instagram has recently announced the release a new advertising feature called “Promote” for Stories. The new ad type, which will be made available to the platform’s 2 million active advertisers, will enable brands and businesses to get their Stories in front of more of Instagram’s users.

Although “Promote” for Stories is still being tested, it will be similar to Facebook’s ‘boost post’ function as it gives you the option to target certain users based on a various characteristics. Advertisers will be able to use all of Instagram’s targeting parameters with this new ad type, or simply target users based on their location. Additionally, as 9 to 5 Mac explains, if you follow a lot of account with fashion-based content, then you’re likely to see more fashion adverts in Stories.

Business accounts will be able to drive traffic to their websites or Instagram profiles by including a link to these locations in their Stories ads. As Amy Gesenhues from Search Engine Land theorises, although no costs have been given for this new ad type, it should offer a cost-effective way for small businesses to promote themselves to Instagram users that are likely to be interested in their products or services. This is based on the fact that Facebook’s similar ‘boost post’ function costs advertisers as little as $5.

On a similar note, Instagram has also announced that content creators can now post previews of their IGTV videos in their Stories. This ‘preview’ is in the format of a still image from the video, but it’s hoped that this will still drive more traffic to videos, and thus, ITGV in general.

"At the end of the day, people use Instagram Ads to get conversions for their business and as a result tracking this is critical. Vanity metrics are of no use here.

We like to push all data back to Google Analytics for analysis, as it helps us understand attribution far better and more accurately than the analytics data provided by Instagram." - David Pagotto Founder and Managing Director of digital marketing agency SIXGUN 

The TJM take on Promote for Stories:

With the new “Promote” for Stories feature likely to be as cost-effective for advertisers as boosting a Facebook post in the News Feed, we can definitely see businesses of all sizes (with varying advertising budgets) taking advantage of this.

Although we’ll have to wait and see if these ads yield the desired results, Instagram’s targeting options will work in their favour as users are more likely to be served ads they’re interested in. They also have the added advantage that ads in Stories will be less invasive than ads in Instagram’s main feed.

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