New format for location extensions is now live on the Google Display Network

Last week, Google rolled out a new location-specific display ad format to benefit local advertisers.

The new location extension, which was officially rolled out to Google AdWords users on Tuesday, 14th March, may include photos, the store’s physical location, and business hours, as well as a ‘Call’ button and a link to the advertiser’s website.

An example of how this ad format will look in action can be seen below:

According to Google, 60% of the clicks on the extension info (during testing) were to get directions or more information about a store’s location.

New format for location extensions is now live on the Google Display Network

As Marketing Land explains, the above example (an ad for a local bakery), might be shown to someone who is reading a cooking blog.

They also go onto add that although advertisers can create the ads on their own, text, responsive and 300x250 image ads, in particular, may be dynamically converted to the new location extension format unless advertisers opt out. To find out how to do this, and set up new display campaigns with location extensions, check out Marketing Land’s article.

The TJM take: As location is the key focus of the new display ad format, we think this will be huge for local businesses, such as restaurants, bakeries, car repair garages and retailers stores who want to get the most out of digital.

As the location extension will open more opportunities to drive foot traffic, it will expand the market, providing more revenue for Google. Plus, with Facebook releasing a new ‘maps’ feature that bases its recommendations on the places your Friends have visited, location-based marketing is really hotting up; more than ever, you'll need to pay to play!

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