Track the omnichannel journey with new Facebook analytics tools

Track the omnichannel journey with new Facebook Analytics tools

At the F8 developer conference last week, Facebook announced the release of a range of new analytics features. This includes a mobile app, more automated insights, and Journeys. This is a brand-new tool that provides omnichannel data to enable you to track customer journeys through multiple channels.

With the new Journeys tool, you can now see the actions a user makes before they make a conversion. This will enable you to determine how long it takes for users to convert, and which channels they start their journey from. As Facebook explains in an official blog post: “you see the paths to conversion that were visible to Facebook, and made on your websites, apps, Messenger bot, and Facebook Page in a single report.”

As Robin Kurzer from Marketing Land points out, the platform is keen to stress the importance of their commitment to keeping people’s information safe following their well-publicised Cambridge Analytica scandal. The omnichannel data is anonymously aggregated, and it contains no individually identifiable information (such as email addresses and phone numbers).

Facebook’s new analytics tools also include more automated insights, which offer “meaningful insights about your business, generated with machine learning”. The platform will now auto-detect funnels to give you an automated view of the actions people take in your website and app. Additionally, it will automatically generate insights based on these funnels. For example, it may detect an “unusual drop-off at a certain step in your checkout process.”

These new automated insights are an extension of the automated insights Facebook released in 2017, Kurzer explains.

If you’ve customised product or item categories in Facebook Analytics, you’ll also get insights into your best-selling products overall or with a specific audience, which promotion codes or payment methods are used on purchases with larger transaction sizes, and sections of your app or website that correlate with higher purchases.

Finally, the new Facebook Analytics mobile app will allow you to see metrics in a personalised overview tab, create dashboards with the reports you’ve saved on desktop, browse automated insights relevant to your business, and receive notifications about anomalies in your data.

More information about Facebook’s new analytics features can be found in the official blog post from Facebook Analytics.

The TJM take: The new features have the potential to give marketers great insights into the customer journey, enabling you to better tailor your ads to your audience to generate better results.

Automated insights into where visitors drop-off during the transaction process will also enable you to identify potential issues with your website (in terms of user experience), which can be valuable when it comes to improving your conversion rate.

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