Microsoft acquires LinkedIn in $26 billion deal

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Microsoft acquires LinkedIn in $26 billion deal

Six months after the initial announcement, Microsoft has finally completed its acquisition of LinkedIn.

Announced by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella through the Official Microsoft Blog and LinkedIn Pulse, it was revealed that the European Commission (EC) had officially cleared the takeover on 6th December, and that the $26 billion deal was due to be closed in a matter of days.

As we originally reported last month, the EC had voiced concerns that Microsoft would favour LinkedIn over its competitors. As a result, Microsoft has committed to providing its rivals with the ‘same’ access to its software, as well as giving hardware makers the option to install other services. This is unlikely to happen in its fullest extent and more to the point, Microsoft will be connecting into all the rest of it suite – which the regulators don’t seem to have picked up on.

We feel the real win for Microsoft is that people don’t sign into Bing or Hotmail when searching and don’t give them any personal data.  The same is not true for… you guessed it- LinkedIn. Having this data and the ability to match it to other service (albeit only in the business space) is going to be huge!

LinkedIn introduces Conversation Starters for messaging

In other LinkedIn news, the platform has introduced Conversation Starters for their Messaging service.

As the LinkedIn Blog explains, it can be daunting reaching out to reconnect with other users or ask for career advice and opportunities. However, the Conversion Starters have been added to help you break the ice.

Conversation Starters can enable you to connect through shared experiences and connections, as well as prompt you to comment on your connections’ professional activity. More information on the new Conversation Starters can be found on the LinkedIn Blog.

The TJM take: Has digital gone too far in a bid to simplify our lives, or have we really reached the point where we need an online platform to help us shape a conversation? Here’s hoping it isn’t the latter...

*Image source: The Official LinkedIn Blog

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