Market the best of your products with structured snippets from Google

Market the best of your products with structured snippets from Google

In March last year, Google introduced ‘dynamic structured snippets’- a shiny new AdWords extension that would highlight a selection of relevant products and services in your paid adverts.

Using a system that would automatically pull relevant information from your website, the feature was intended to give searchers (a.k.a. potential buyers) a better idea of what you have to offer before they clicked through to your website. This, in turn, would increase your return on investment by reducing the amount of clicks that weren't likely to end in a conversion.

google dynamic structured snippets
Image of a dynamic structured snippet. Source: AdWords Help

But although it is undoubtedly a useful tool with good intentions, the dynamic structured snippets still presented a few issues. You see, users originally found that the information pulled from their website wasn't always that relevant to the ad or search term.

Fortunately, Google listened to their feedback. And thus, dynamic structured snippets became simply ‘structured snippets’.

With the new name came a few changes- instead of Google pulling information it deems to be relevant from your website, you can now choose up to 2 headers from a predefined list, manually inputting up to 10 values of your choice (the minimum you need to include is 3). Google will then choose whichever header combination is best to display.

Structured snippet

Image of a structured snippet. Source: AdWords Help

With all that in mind, are structured snippets worth your while?

As increased customisability gives you more control over the products and services you highlight, you can give searchers a clearer idea of whether your advert is relevant to them. This will not only improve click through rates, but increase the likelihood of conversions.

Additionally, it is important to remember that Google’s Best Practice Guidelines uses Ad Rank to access the quality of your ads and your competitiveness in the AdWords auction, improving your placement in search results.

One sure fire way to improve Ad Rank? Take advantage of as many extensions as possible- including structured snippets.

In fact, there are countless ways to achieve this. Challenge our team now to show you not only how we would improve not your Ad Rank, but your overall digital marketing strategy!

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