Livestream supports simultaneous live streaming for YouTube, Periscope, and Twitch with’ Simultcast’

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Livestream supports simultaneous live streaming for YouTube, Periscope, and Twitch with’ Simultcast’

Livestream has announced that its premium and enterprise customers will now have the potential to reach millions of viewers across multiple video streaming destinations, including YouTube, Periscope, and Twitch.

As the official announcement from the Livestream blog explains, the newly introduced Simultcast will combine ‘the flexibility and ownership’ of the Livestream platform with ‘the reach and engagement of your viewers’ destinations’. Put simply, this means that when users become a Premium or Enterprise customer, they will be able to reach viewers on RTMP-enabled streaming destinations from one place.

Livestream supports simultaneous live streaming

Image source: Livestream Blog

The official blog post also points out that in addition to YouTube Live, Periscope, and Twitch, you can also stream to Facebook Live through the Livestream platform.

In addition to streaming to multiple video platforms from one place, Simultcast users will also be able to take advantage of white labelling, analytics, support, and other Livestream features.

The TJM take: With 2017 already touted as being ‘the year of the video’ (particularly in terms of social media), it’s wise of Livestream to jump onto this trend early.

We’re very keen to see how Simultcast is used and develops throughout the rest of the year!

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