LinkedIn opens sponsored InMail to all marketers and Facebook plans to bring its Audience Network to TV

Instagram introduces Boomerang, Mentions and Links features to Stories

Last Thursday, Instagram announced that three new features would be coming to Instagram Stories. These include Boomerang, Mentions and ‘See More’ Links.

As many of us already know, Boomerang is Instagram’s already established video app. Released in October 2015, it captures images in quick succession to create mini videos that play backwards and forwards (much like a GIF).

Although these images previously had to captured through the separate Boomerang app, for the first time they can now be filmed using the Stories camera.

Another feature that’s new to Stories (but not necessarily to the platform), is Mentions. Put simply, you’ll now be able to tag other users in the Stories you want them to see.

Last but not least, the ‘See More’ Links feature will enable verified accounts add links within their Stories. To be taken to the linked content, all you need to do is click ‘See More’ or swipe up to see the link within the app.

Sponsored InMail is now available to all LinkedIn advertisers

Sponsored InMail is now available for all advertisers through the LinkedIn Campaign Planner, the platform announced last week.

Joining LinkedIn’s existing collection of self-serve advertising products, Sponsored InMail will allow you to reach the target audience(s) of your choice without needing to be ‘connected’ with the users you contact.

Other features include mobile optimisation options, as well as the ability to reach users when they’re most engaged on the platform. For more information, check out LinkedIn’s official announcement.

In a similar vein, sponsored messages in Facebook Messenger are now available for some businesses and developers. Find out more via the Facebook for Developers blog.

The TJM take: Although this is good news for advertisers hoping to broaden their reach and target users in different ways, does pushing ads through a private messaging system have the danger of becoming too intrusive?

Additionally, despite the feature’s premium price helping to act as a form of ‘quality control’, how many emails and messages do we (as general internet users) even read anymore? It seems we’re all too used to receiving spam…

Facebook is bringing its Audience Network to TV

It’s well-known that Facebook has been keen to venture into television advertising for a number of years. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the platform has begun to deliver video ads through select video apps and set-top boxes in the US.

As Recode recently reported, Facebook will be partnering with publishers A+E and Tubi TV to deliver their video ads through this medium.

Although Facebook says television advertising is only being tested at this point, the platform plans to use their Audience Network to take advantage of the same targeting data. However, details such as ad formats and length are still to be determined.

The TJM take: We feel that Facebook has been very smart here. They’re obviously looking forward to the future of TV, and have been for some time; they just needed a foothold to do so.

In fact, this may go some way in explaining why their online ads service could do with some improvement- it’s definitely still very ‘clunky’ to use.

Showing TOWIE watchers fake tan adverts will never have been easier!

Facebook invests in television advertising for Facebook Live

...While we’re discussing Facebook and television, the social network has been utilising TV ads to promote Facebook Live, its own live video streaming capability.

As you’ve probably already seen, the adverts are fairly simple, showing users the type of things they could broadcast using Facebook Live, as well as information on how to use the feature.

Snapchat changes its name to Snap, Inc. and finally releases Spectacles

In an earlier Tech Treats, we reported that Snapchat would be introducing Spectacles; colourful sunglasses that can record up to 30 seconds of video to be posted directly on the platform.

We also revealed Snapchat’s plans to drop the ‘chat’ from its name to become ‘Snap, Inc’- a change that has since been implemented.

In a further update, a limited number of Spectacles also went on sale from a pop-up vending machine on

Sunday, 13th November. This was located near the company’s original headquarters in Venice, California and dispensed the sunglasses with a recharging case, USB cable and cleaning cloth.

To start recording with the Spectacles, all you need to do is push the only button on the device. This will initially record for 10 seconds, though this can be extended by another 10 seconds by pushing the button a second and third time (if required).

The TJM take: With our generation’s love of selfies (and Snapchat’s promotion of these with the fun filters they’ve become synonymous with) it’s interesting to see the focus shift away from these, and more so on what is happening in the world around the user.

However, we worry that these will become intrusive; would you want to appear on someone’s Snapchat Story without their permission? We thought as much…

Facebook tests new job-opening feature for company pages

In a possible bid to rival LinkedIn, Facebook has confirmed that it is currently testing a job-opening feature.

Originally spotted by Tech Crunch, a new ‘Jobs’ tab (which appeared on their Page last week), is providing companies with the ability to formally share vacancies through Facebook. It has been reported that these will include standard information such as job title and salary, as well as an ‘Apply Now’ number that takes the user to a pre-populated form with information from their profile.

Bing tests app install ad extensions in the US

Bing Ads have finally started testing app install ads for US advertisers, Search Engine Land has reported.

Available on iOS and Android devices, the new ad extension will link directly to the app’s download page. However, to track downloads, app installers will need to set up tracking with a Bing certified partner, such as Appsflyer or Tune.

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