LinkedIn introduces new LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn introduces new LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Last week, LinkedIn announced the launch of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, a new solution that will enable advertisers to drive more high-quality lead from their Sponsored Content campaigns.

As they explain in their original announcement, it can difficult to collect quality leads (particularly on a mobile device) as users are reluctant to complete a form to access content. However, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are removing the need for “clunky” contact forms.

LinkedIn members will now be presented with an in-app form that pops up when they have clicked on one of your ads. The form will be automatically populated, which eliminates the need for members to manually enter for their information.

The announcement also explains that once someone has completed a Lead Gen Form, the advertiser will receive a comprehensive lead record that’s been devised from their personal LinkedIn profile. For this reason, information will be more accurate and include that person’s name and contact details, as well as their company name, seniority, job title, location, and more.

After a member has completed the form, they will be presented with an in-app “thank you” page. This will then direct them to your content.

As well as providing more accurate lead records, advertisers will be able to use the Campaign Manager to track key metrics (such as form fill rate) to measure their ROI. They’ll also be able to easily manage their leads by having the ability to download lists and “sync” them with their existing CRM system.

Additionally, 90% of the 50 customers surveyed from the Lead Gen Form pilot have lowered their CPL (cost per lead).

Due to its success so far, LinkedIn has also announced that they will be rolling out Lead Gen Forms for desktop campaigns in the coming months.

For more information on LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, check out the official announcement.

The TJM take: By presenting users with a pre-filled form, it will definitely be a quicker and easier way for them to submit their information. However, will it solve the issue of people being reluctant to hand over their contact information to companies?

We’re very interested to see how this fares outside of the pilot stage!

*Image source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

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