LinkedIn introduces Matched Audiences in what might be the biggest breakthrough in B2B marketing in 2017!

LinkedIn introduces Matched Audiences in what might be the biggest breakthrough in B2B marketing in 2017!

Two years after Facebook introduced the capability to their platform, LinkedIn has finally announced the release of Matched Audiences, a new set of targeting tools that will provide you with “the unique ability to combine LinkedIn’s powerful professional data with your own first-party data”.

As LinkedIn explains in their official announcement, they will be introducing 3 tools. These are Website Retargeting, Account Targeting, and Contact Targeting.

With Website Retargeting, you can create target audiences from your website visitors and target them with ‘always-on’ campaigns to re-engage their interests. This is something the Traffic Jam Media team has been expecting for years as Facebook has been offering Remarketing ads for even longer than the Matched Audiences functionality.

Alternatively, with LinkedIn’s new Account Targeting, you can upload a CSV list of company names and match them against existing LinkedIn pages. The aim is to make it easier to reach key decision makers at your target companies.

Similarly, Contact Targeting will enable you to import lists of contacts by uploading a CSV list of email addresses to the website, or by connecting directly to Marketo, Oracle Eloqua or LiveRamp platforms.

For more information on how these tools performed in the pilot process, check out LinkedIn’s original announcement.

The TJM take: You will always find your best CPAs when you are preaching to the (almost) converted. Used sensibly, remarketing and email data is the closest thing you can find to your perfect audience. Using these two options, we see a huge amount of opportunity for B2B companies; perhaps beating Google AdWords in some sectors, and definitely being a game changer in most.

The other really great thing about email data is that you can use it on any data you bought previously. Have some churned clients you really want back? Let LinkedIn re-engage them. That dodgy database your predecessor left you with? Let LinkedIn clean it for you. That ‘one time only’ data you purchased with a few hidden trap emails? While we would never suggest breaking the terms of your usage….

Our recommendation is to not delay in getting some great ROI from this- can you tell we’re excited?

*Image source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog

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