Should you let Dynamic Search Ads automatically target queries? Here are the pros and cons…

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Should you let Dynamic Search Ads automatically target queries? Here are the pros and cons…

If you’re new to Google AdWords, Dynamic Search Ads (or DSAs) will simply use your website’s content to automatically target relevant search queries.

DSAs can help you save time spent on drafting ad copy, and as Search Engine Land explains, there’s a possibility that they’ll allow you to feature longer headlines (which may even exceed the standard 60-character limit. Google also cites “specific landing pages” as a reason to use DSAs for queries.

However, as Search Engine Land points out in their original article, DSAs don’t always guarantee longer headlines and the benefits of a slightly longer headline is debatable. They also provide no way for you to specify bids for new queries; you’ll need to set the same bid for all.

Additionally, an advantage of using keyword landing pages over DSA landing pages is that advertisers have the ability to quickly change URLs for keywords. This would be particularly useful in the case of a flash sale or similar event where you might want to use a different landing page. However, Google AdWords would not know to direct the queries to the new page.

TJM take: Honestly? Leave the DSAs. We think you’re be better off investing as per the below:

Beat Google DSAs

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