Facebook’s dynamic ads for auto dealerships get new lead-gen features

Facebook’s dynamic ads for auto dealerships get new lead-gen features

Last week, Facebook announced that dynamic ads for auto dealerships will get a new lead-gen feature that feeds directly into the dealership’s CRM system. As Marketing Land explains, this means that ads can now include a CTA to complete a lead-gen form, and the information it collects will be sent directly to the dealership’s CRM system.

Facebook’s dynamic ads retarget people that have expressed interest in your business by visiting your website or using your app. It also promotes your products to those that have browsed similar websites to your own. Facebook’s dynamic ads for auto dealerships were first launched last November, allowing dealerships to use these ads to encourage people to book in for a test drive.

Dynamic ads have also increased customisability for auto ads by allowing dealerships to upload vehicle lists to the platform. This allows advertisers to include vehicle details such as the vehicle make, model, year, price, mileage, trim, and location.

According to Facebook, the new lead-gen feature will help dealerships to create more locally relevant ads that highlight your current automobile inventory. The leads collected from the ad’s lead-gen forms will be sent to the dealership’s CRM system so that a sales representative can follow-up with the lead.

As Marketing Land explains, at least two auto dealerships have already beta-tested these new dynamic ads. One of these is Hub City Ford in Louisiana, USA. They targeted those who had visited their website, prompting them to arrange a test drive. This campaign generated 154 leads, with 34 of these resulting in a car sale. This is said to be Hub City Ford’s best sales period to date.

The TJM take: Businesses have already seen some great results with dynamic ads for auto dealerships, as is evidenced by Hub City Ford experiencing their best sales period because of it.

There are many benefits to the latest updates to dynamic ads, such as the fact that you can now target the right people by making them locally relevant. Additionally, as leads will now be sent directly to the people that can encourage them to book a test drive (your sales representatives), you can quickly get a meeting arranged before their interest wanes.

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