Is Google’s Call tracking a PPC game changer?

Is Google’s Call tracking a PPC game changer?

Google’s recent announcement to enable call tracking is allowing Google AdWords customers to identify which advert and keyword combination was used to find them – even if the customer called in.

At Traffic Jam Media, we think this is a must have for most businesses – but that it is not a game changer.  We partnered with Infinity Call Tracking a while back because we saw the potential of knowing which keywords were converting in to phone calls. Which we think is the real game changer.

If your industry is heavily reliant on phone calls, you know how much work goes into knowing the origin of the calls. Its now the time for IT Directors and Marketing Directors to marry up the two functions to achieve the one common goal. Sales!

Using Infinity Call Tracking, you can not only track the calls that came from Google AdWords, but you can track all of the calls from all your online marketing efforts as well as offline – from SEM to Social Media through to magazines and billboards.  You can then put a financial value on every lead and every sale while maintaining the integrity of the telecommunications.

How Call Tracking Works

Each time a user loads a new web page they are assigned a brand new number from an allocated pool of number. The users IP address is then time stamped and matched.  When they call in, the call tracking software does some clever stuff behind the scenes, links back and identifies it as a conversion.

From a telephony point of view, you can choose any UK number, plus selected international numbers. This number is then directed to a DDI/hunt group of your choice. You can queue these calls on your own PBX and deal with them as you would any other incoming call.

We see this as offering a full 360 perspective on reporting on marketing activities. Getting in-depth information like this was virtually impossible previously . The Call Tracking technology is a game changer for most industries and will give decision makers accurate information from which to make educated decisions on budget allocations and focus on what's really working.

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