Instagram is testing a Location Stories feature

Instagram is testing a Location Stories feature

Instagram has confirmed that they are testing a new Location Stories feature that will enable users to see Stories posted by those they don’t follow, provided they have been tagged with a ‘location sticker’.

As Tech Crunch reports, after a location sticker has been added to a Story, users can visit the page for the business, landmark or place and ‘watch a slideshow Story of posts from those shared by strangers they don’t follow’.

To enable the feature, users need to add the sticker to the ‘Story’ that’s about to be posted, and then choose or search for their location from Instagram’s location database.

This is somewhat similar to Snapchat’s Stories Search feature which also enables you to see posts from a wider variety of users, and not just those you ‘follow’. However, Instagram’s Location Stories is easier to use as it doesn’t rely on metadata and the free-form text users add to their posts.

Alongside their Location Stories test, Instagram has also launched hashtag stickers for stories. As Tech Crunch explains in their original article, this could open up the opportunity for a similar Hashtag Stories feature to be introduced in the future.

The TJM take: As Tech Crunch has pointed out, both Location Stories and a possible ‘Hashtag Stories’ feature could be used to generate revenue for brands, with the platform offering them the chance to pay for ads to appear in Stories. However, we also feel this could provide a great opportunity for SEOs to tag up images and appear for more results organically.

We can’t wait to start testing Location Stories for some of our clients!

*Image source: Tech Crunch

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