Instagram Business Tools will now include ads and insights for Stories

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Instagram Business Tools will now include ads and insights for Stories

Following the introduction of Instagram Stories last August, the platform is now expanding its Business Tools offering to include Stories Insight and full page adverts.

As Instagram have explained in their official announcement, Instagram Stories is now accessed by over 150 million users daily. Not only that, but around 70% of users follow a business on the platform. With new Stories Insights, advertisers will now be able to see the reach, impressions, replies and exits each of their individual stories receives, enabling them to create more relevant content for their audience.

Stories Insights are due to be rolled out in the coming weeks, and they’ll be available to any businesses that have converted to a business profile.

In addition to these insights, businesses will also be given the ability to run full screen ads in Instagram Stories. Currently being tested by over 30 advertisers across the world (including Netflix, Capital One, Maybelline New York and Nike), Instagram says these ads will enable you to use targeting, reach and measurement capabilities to ensure your ads are personally relevant to the users you want to target.

Finally, Instagram have announced that additional business features (such as direct response) will also be made available in the coming months. As Instagram explains in their official announcement, this is due to many brands already experiencing users ‘swiping’ on their Stories to complete an action.

The TJM take: With 150 million Instagrammers using the Stories feature each day, it would be silly for brands not to take advantage of the platform’s reach. In fact, with so many brands now utilising it, we

find it a bit surprising that the Insights haven’t been made available sooner.

This data will be very useful (and interesting!) for both new and existing clients, as it will help them to decide whether Instagram Stories ads could be something for them to branch into in future.

In short, we look forward to exploring Instagram’s capabilities in more detail this year!

*Image source: The official Instagram Business blog

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