Google updates its ‘Test My Site’ tool to show you how many website visitors you’re losing, while Google adds confusion to the ‘Fred’ update debate

Last week, Google updated its ‘Test My Site’ tool with new features. These include showing the mobile page speed, comparing your website’s loading speed with that of your competitors, and providing tips on how to speed up your website.

These recommendations, as the Google Small Business blog explains, are specific to your website, and will be emailed directly to you with a personalised assessment.

Most significantly, however, is the fact that the Google Test My Site tool will now show you how many visitors you’re losing in the time it takes for your website to load. This is because (according to Google), 50% of people expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and for each additional second it takes for a mobile page to load, conversions can drop by up to 20%.

Did the Google ‘Fred’ ranking update take place?

As Barry Schwartz from SEO Roundtable reports, last week also saw John Mueller claim that “from our point of view, there was no Fred update.” However, as this is after Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed that an update did in fact take place (though he has been vague when discussing it), it may just be that the update goes by a different name…

The TJM take: Knowing how many people leave your website because of a slow loading speed is very useful for your web developers; if armed with this information, they can fix the issues before you lose even more conversions.

In terms of the ‘Fred’ update, Google have still not released a lot of information about what it includes. Nonetheless, it appears to have targeted ad-heavy websites with low value content, so make sure you review your website!

For more information, check out our previous blog on the then-unconfirmed ‘Fred’ ranking update in March.

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