Google is removing ‘Last Click Attribution’ from Analytics

Google is removing ‘Last Click Attribution’ from Analytics

Earlier this year, Google revealed their plans to get rid of ‘Last Click Attribution’ in Analytics, and replace it with a new web analytics model called ‘Google Attribution’.

When using Last Click Attribution in Google Analytics, the full credit for a conversion (for example, a sale being made) is given to the traffic medium that resulted in the last click before this conversion occurred.

Put simply, this means that if a user first visited your website by clicking on a PPC advert (but they didn’t covert in this instance) then found your website through an organic search and made a purchase on that second visit, the reason for the conversion would be attributed to the organic search.

However, there are issues with using a ‘last click’ analytics model, as not every online sale is determined by the last touchpoint that leads to them visiting a website and making a purchase. For example, even if the user found your site and made a purchase from a Google search, they may have already been made aware of the item or service by an email or generic advert, and this fact wouldn’t be accounted for.

As a result, Google introduced ‘Google Attribution’, a new analytics model that takes into account all the channels and actions that lead to a conversion. This means that instead of attributing 100% of the credit to one channel, it attributes a certain percentage to each.

Although this new model was released in beta earlier this year, Google has recently confirmed to Traffic Jam Media that ‘Last Click Attribution’ will definitely be disappearing from Analytics.

The TJM take: The ‘influenced’ attribution model kinda works… it's more like what you would see on Facebook (for example), but it's also possible to get that data anyway.

We think this is Google trying to compete on a more level playing field (from a cosmetic perspective, at least). However, we should really be looking past this, and studying the data more in any case.

The big thing to watch out for is how the switch over is rolled out. Budgets and CPAs are going to be slightly confusing!

If you need more information on the changes and what these mean for your reporting, don’t hesitate to contact the Traffic Jam Media team.

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