Google becomes Firefox’s default search engine again in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Three years ago, Mozilla signed a deal to change Firefox’s default search engine from Google to Yahoo for US desktop and mobile users. However, despite the new contract, Google still remained the default search engine for Firefox users in the rest of the world (excluding Russia and China).

Now, with the introduction of Firefox Quantum (a new faster browser that was released as part of the recent Firefox 57 beta), the browser can now handle tabs more efficiently, and Google has once again become Firefox’s default search engine for users in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Google has also remained the default search engine for Firefox users in the rest of the world, although Baidu is still the default for China. Additionally, despite Yandex previously being just the default search provider for Firefox users in Russia, this has now extended to Turkey, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

As Tech Crunch reports, Mozilla’s deal with Yahoo was supposed to last for a total of five years, though this has been terminated early. In a statement, Mozilla Chief Business and Legal Officer, Danelle Dixon, said: “We exercised our contractual right to terminate our agreement with Yahoo! based on a number of factors, including doing what’s best for our brand, our effort to provide quality web search, and the broader content experience for our users.”

They also revealed that they may have opportunities to work with Oath and Verizon outside of search, which also influenced their decision to end their contract with Yahoo.

The TJM take: The uplift in Google traffic is going to be ~5% from what we've seen from clients' analytics (there will probably be a slight uptick in PPC revenue and opportunity for AdWords, also). The biggest impact, however, will be in the countries outlined.

The consolidation is only going to move in one direction unless voice search has a huge impact… let's wait and see what happens!

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