Google introduces new AdWords product promotion extensions

 Google introduces new AdWords product promotion extensions

Earlier this month, Google announced via the official Inside AdWords blog that they’d be rolling out new product promotion extensions. According to Google’s official announcement, the new ad extensions will allow advertisers to keep their promotions up-to-date without needing to create new adverts, as well as free up space for “more unique content, like your brand terms or a clear call to action.”

As Ginny Marvel from Search Engine Land reports, Google first tested the product promotion extensions in AdWords a year ago. However, they’ve now been rolled out globally in all languages and currencies in the new AdWords interface (which has also been recently released).

The new product promotions extensions will allow advertisers to highlight a percentage off purchases, a specific offer period, and promotion codes. It’s also no coincidence that they were released just before Black Friday this year; as Google explains, you can make seasonal offers more prominent in your adverts by selecting one of 12 occasions, such as ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Back-to-school’.

As Google explain in their official announcement, a few brands have already had great results from using product promotions extensions. David Chau, the Senior Digital Marketing Analyst at Torrid Brands, said: “Promotion extensions effectively communicate our promotions without sacrificing our core message of quality and fit, giving us a conversion rate lift of 30%.”

The TJM take: with Google’s ad text character limit being fairly limited at just 35 characters, the addition of the product promotions extensions will be a great way of ensuring your ad uses more ‘real estate’ on the page, as well as clearly highlighting your current offers and promotions.

With brands like Torrid and Shoe Carnival already seeing great results from the extensions, we’re excited to start incorporating them into our clients’ ads!

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