Google has introduced a Google My Business website builder for small businesses

Google has introduced a Google My Business website builder for small businesses

Google has released a new Google My Business tool to enable small businesses to create their own single-page website for free.

The new Google My Business website builder (which is officially called ‘Website’) can be used to create a website through desktop or a mobile device, though you will need to have an existing Google My Business listing in order to use this new feature. This is because the tool automatically pulls information from your existing listing to populate your new website.

As Search Engine Journal explains, creating a website through the tool is very quick and simple. If it’s your first time claiming a Google My Business listing, then you’ll be automatically invited to create one. If you’ve already claimed a listing, you can create a website by clicking on “Manage My Business” after signing into your account. From there, click on “Manage My Location” and select “Website” from the menu.

Additionally, although websites will automatically have a ‘’ domain name structure, business owners are able to purchase a custom domain (or website address) from the “Settings” menu. If purchased, this will be automatically added to their website.

The TJM take: According to Google, 60% of small businesses worldwide don’t have their own website, and this can result in lost revenue opportunities. Therefore, it can be assumed that creating an online presence (even one as simple as a single-page Google My Business website) will encourage more opportunities for businesses to be found, and result in more calls.

Our gut feel is that this will not be a big driver get people onto the web (your friend’s daughter can probably build you a website for £50 if you really want one). We think it will feed into a broader set of products.

Automatically tracked, easy to create websites with a load of premium features seems like a possibility, as does a more condensed eco system for companies with multiple sites… however, at this point, only time will tell.

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